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Nestled in the welcoming Village of Chester, Chester District School serves a broad catchment area on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. With approximately 300 students ranging from Grade Primary to Grade Five, our school is committed to ensuring high levels of achievement for all students. As a thriving and integral part of our community, CDS offers a broad complement of programming and after-school activities and a highly committed staff.

Continuous School Improvement Goals

MATH GOAL: Students at Chester District School will demonstrate growth in the Number strand in mathematics with a focus on partitioning.

1. Teachers will use the provincial mathematics curriculum documents and yearly plans to teach partitioning strategies as they relate to their respective grade levels.
2. Teachers and students will model and record partitioning work in a number of ways, but always in the same order: concrete, pictorial, symbolical and verbal, and in context.
3. Teachers and students will use manipulative as thinking tools.
4. In PLCs and Collaborative Learning Teams, teachers will assess partitioning skills in a number of ways and analyze the data to inform classroom instruction and identify further PD priorities.

LITERACY GOAL: Students at Chester District school will demonstrate an improvement in reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

1. Teachers will develop and implement consistent practices for administering reliable and valid Running Records and use the results for the purpose of early monitoring student learning and achievement.
2. Teachers will extend opportunities for students to read appropriate level texts at their reading level.
3. Administration and teachers will prioritize uninterrupted reading time in the development of the 2014 – 2015 schedule for grade levels P – 3.
4. Teachers will engage in regularly scheduled PLC grade level teams and Collaborative Learning Teams with a focus on fluency and comprehension skills and implement the best practices learned.
5. Teachers will develop and implement common assessments for monitoring student growth in fluency and comprehension and utilize the information to plan instruction.
6. Teachers will develop a common understanding of the Workshop model and use it on a consistent basis

Admin Team Blog

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 13:24

I hope everyone had a rejuvenating summer, and I am sure we are all ready to put forth our best effort as we begin another exciting year at CDS. For those of you who are returning to CDS once again, welcome back! To our new students and families from Gold River-Western Shore, it is great to have you with us as we look forward to a new year!